Saturday, August 3, 2019

Shawinigan to Duchesnay

Today was an early start for the group, 7:30 vs the 9AM that we have recently. The ride was going to be a bit long, 77 miles and we also had an eye on the weather. Rain was predicted about 11 AM. As we started is was overcast and a bit on the cool side (in the low 60s) as we headed northeast out of Shawinigan. We held a pretty nice cross country biking pace as we zoomed down the mostly flat and relatively quite straight roads occasionally reaching an intersection where we would need to make a right or left turn while heading generally Southeast before hitting the river where we turned to the northeast generally following the river. The width of the river is huge, feeling more like a long lake than a river. We started looking for a coffee stop just could find one that was open and by 11am we arrived at the lunch stop about 55 miles into the ride.

By this point, we were starting to look at the skies. The clouds were becoming more threatening and we had noticed several convertible cars stopping to put up their tops. With that it was time to take off and try to beat the rain, we got about 7 miles down the road before the rain started. Earlier in the ride the temperature had reached the low 80s but the temperature dipped down the low 60s as the rain began. Not really cold rain, but the roads became a bit slippery and the bikes in front of you would shoot sprays of water in your face if you got too close. Passing cars would spray you as well. but it was only about 20 more miles into town so off you go.

We crossed 2 more bridges and a busy steep hill before reaching the destination called "Station touristique Duchesnay". A very nice resort with a pool, spa, beach, hiking and bike trails. We have a set of loop rides scheduled for tomorrow. I hope that the day brings some blue skies.


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