Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Last Ride of the Tour

Last ride of the tour today. Chuck had arranged three rides; 21, 54 and 70 miles. The weather reports were indication chance of rain today so many folks made ride decisions based on getting back before the rain hit. Many of the folks took the 21 mile ride, a larger group took the 54 mile ride and I don't think that anyone chose the 70 mile ride.

As the 54 mile ride left, I was still undecided and was going to go with the shorter 21 mile route. Then Chuck showed up prepared to do the 54 mile and I decide to keep him company. The temperature was about 70 the start and the humidity was high. So high that whenever you put out any effort, the sweat just rolled down your face.

We had another bridge crossing today. Not as eventful as yesterday, but the roadway was very high above the river and it was very unnerving as we crossed. You just had to focus ahead of you and try not to let your eyes wonder down to the river below.

We had a bit of street traffic and after a bit of construction we got on to some world class bike trails that followed a broad shallow river.

We returned to the road and with the skies looking a bit threatening we shaved some miles off the ride and started back a bit sooner, stopping for some soda at gas station in Saint Henri. We quickly found another bike trail the brought use back the ferry. We stopped for some coffee and light snacks before boarding the ferry for a quick ride back to Quebec City. Of the boat and up the hill we were back to the hotel in no time.

It only hit me as we got off the bikes, that there was no ride to make plans for tomorrow and the tour was over. Tomorrow a we pack up the bikes in to the support van then board the bus will to transport us south to come to Montreal. On more night the hotel then it's off to the airport for an early flight. These trips really fly by so fast and are so much fun.


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  1. I read all the posts and with the daily updates with lots of pictures, that Eduard has whatsapped me,I could picture the whole trip. It must have been an unforgettable journey. Hope all of you got back home safely. Thanks for sharing, Els Damhuis