Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 2 Montreal to Berthierville

Day 2 Montreal to Berthierville

The Lafayette rides are a group effort. Today may part was to drive the one of the cars to the lunch stop and pick up lunch supplies on the way. The task required required 1 van, one SUV and three people. Myself, Adrienne Harber and Marnix Landman.

Adrienne is the president of the Lafayette Cavaliers this year and is responsible for putting this whole enterprise together this year. It's a great responsibility bringing 35 riders from all the US and Europe to a new destination. She has been able to help in the endeavor, but I'm sure that there were many sleepless nights to get all the arrangements in place. Marnix is from the Netherlands. I got a chance to know him better last year during the Netherlands trip. His father Jan was the Lafayette President and put on a wonderful trip. To read about last year click here.

Oh back to the 2 vehicles and 3 people. We needed to head out the market and buy all the food for the lunch and get to the lunch stop, 30 mile in to the ride and set up before the riders arrived. Being this was he first day that needed a lunch stop, we need to get a bunch of supplies, food for 2 days, plates, knives, hand soap, bread, peanut butter, jelly, cold cuts, yogurt, drinks, ice and many other things as well. All the time the clock is ticking. The lunch was at the 30 mile mark and we had to shop drive to the spot on the map and find a place for picnic. We were under the gun, 'cause there were 35 hungry bikers on the way.

With not a moment to spare we found the a perfect riverside location with picnic tables and benches and just started to unload the supplies when the saw the first rides flash by. After waving them down the rest of the riders started to arrive in waves. Everyone lent a hand in setting up the lunch and then started to dive in.

With Adrienne's  and my job was done, someone else was going to drive the rest of the way to the end. Quickly changing into riding clothes we departed with the last set of riders for the rest of the ride. The map below shows from lunch to the final destination for the day, Berthierville.

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  1. Els Damhuis-KlaassenAugust 14, 2019 at 8:55 AM

    Wauw what an organisation. Good on you 3 and a thumbs up for Adrienne. Am glad you all had a wonderful time