Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Day 4, Shawinigan, Out and Back

Today is the longest and most climbing day of the trip so far. The previous 3 days have been warm up rides. We left Shawinigan and headed North and West into the La Mauricie National Park about 20 miles from the start. Climbing really starts once you entered the park. The roads are nicely paved with camping and other activities along the way. In the winter, the park seems to be very popular with cross country skiers as well.

The ride was originally planned as a loop ride but the road was blocked so it was re-planned as an out an back route. The scenery was beautiful and the road traffic was very light. We had lunch with an overview of a lake while munching on sandwiches that we had made at the hotel before leaving that morning.

For the last 20 miles we were looking for an ice cream stop, but didn't find one until we were a block away from the hotel.

I slept very well that evening.


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